About Us

Welcome to the Website of, DJ Mike and Dj Theo.

We have these months working very hard to prepare us for our upcoming performance.

Now that we finally hace the rights contacts with the right, nice sincere people, ou colleaques, those who helped us so much this pas few months.

And finally our good and professional sound equipment is okay, including our professional light- and karaoke equipment, we can finally begin with our performances. From november 2019, we start with our fun and festive performances.

DJ Mike is a young talent in the music world, he grew up from a young age and also helped and trained in music by his father, DJ Theo. Herby has DJ Mike mostly learned all types and kinds of music from his father.

DJ Mike hase these past few months also learned a lot from his colleaques, those who wish him all the luck and happiness. DJ Mike, provides together with his father all performances, and can offer all types and genres of music, from the 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 to up till date. DJ Mike and DJ Theo have all Original and complete music albums, from Dutch and English music, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Reaggae, Country, Classical, Hip Hop, House, Punk, Heavy Metal and even Meditation Music.

You name it, and we have it for you,

We are so grateful to those sincere people who make this all posible, and to those who helped us so much this recent months, and to those people who still helping us, that we thank all this sincere people also in this way.

DJ Mike has a great desire, he hopes that other sincere people will give him the cance, and welcome him to come and makes his performance in other countries.

We want to work together with other Artiest and Cover Bands.

Our Website remains contantly under Construction and will increasingly look more cheerful.

The best regards, DJ Mike and DJ Theo